About Me

The story of my geekery starts way back in 1996, when we brought home our first computer. After excitedly connecting to the Internet (via dialup, of course), I zoomed straight to Geocities and hastily built my first website.

Foolishly proud of my creation, 11-year-old me submitted it to a design competition...and the review was scathing. Looking back, I suppose my use of blue and green text on a black background wasn’t the best choice, but that criticism made me determined to learn everything I could about proper design.

Design Foundations

As yearbook editor, high school was my first introduction to real-world design (I don't think X-Files collages made in Paint Shop Pro count). With up-to-date technology in hand (namely teal iMacs with PageMaker and Photoshop 6), I was amazed at the design possibilities opened up to me. In three years, I learned an invaluable amount as I ensured every page was pixel—err pica—perfect.

There was no turning back now: design would be my path!

Shifting Perspectives

Through my college studies (as well as my time in the workforce), both my design sense and perspective have matured. I now understand that, more than being aesthetically pleasing, all design must effectively achieve its communication goals. Nothing is gained from a confusing mess of content (no matter how beautifully it is displayed!).

As a result, I now spend more time in planning and preparation, before my pen ever touches paper (or my mouse creates a new document).

Personal Randomness

I live (very happily) in my hometown of St. Augustine, Florida, with my husband and preschooler, who keep me loving, laughing and going to sleep at 9pm every single night. I love cooking, canning, and making soap (I know, I’m such a cool 30-something!). I never miss an episode of Doctor Who, iZombie and Game of Thrones...as well as one or two guilty pleasures (*coughMarriedAtFirstSightcough*).

Beyond all that, I’m just a simple geeky chick whose encyclopedic knowledge of late-90’s boy bands scares even myself.

Keep Learning, Keep Growing

Above all else, my biggest goal in life is continuous learning. I’m continually hunting new technologies and improved methods for doing what I love. With the pace of change in the design/development world, I that'll keep me busy for a good long while!