Let's Work Together!

Are you feeling a little bit nervous right now? Believe me, I get it! Entrusting someone with bringing your business to life is no easy task. There's something about online freelancing that seems to attract the …shall we say…flaky types. You know the folks I'm talking about: "designers" who offer the perfect services at a super-low price and, once they get your deposit, run off into the sunset to catfish another day.


Let me say this: I'm not about to be confronted by Nev and Max and a crew from MTV. I've been designing since my teenage days and have been working professionally in the industry for well over ten years.

The Design Process

If you're like me, it's not just the prospect of wasting money that freaks you out, it's also the "not knowing." Not knowing how the design process is going to work, which questions to ask, how to make sure the end product is fabulously *you.*

Phew. Take a deep breath and relax. You'll never be left in the dark working with me: I've grown up on Southern hospitality and bring that virtual sweet tea and porch rocking to our time together. Here's how my design process works:

  1. Getting to Know You: After you tell me a little bit about your organization, your project and yourself I'll begin researching and soul-searching to see if I'm a good fit for your project. That's right — I don't take on every piece of work that comes knocking! If I think we'll jive well, I'll write up a detailed project proposal and send it your way. It includes an overview of the services I'll provide, an estimated project timeline and a breakdown of the pricing.
  2. Schedule and Start: When you're ready to move ahead, you'll let me know and we'll figure out the best time for both of us to get started.
  3. Your Design Personality: In the first phase of your project, we'll spend time discovering your design likes and dislikes, talk about your current branding and nail down the project's goals and specifications.
  4. Content is King: The best design stems from clear, concise content. During this phase we'll strategize the most effective content for your design and begin crafting it.
  5. Design Draft: Now that I have a great feel for your project, the real fun begins. I'll create a first draft of your work and send it to you for review. We'll revise as needed until you're happy!
  6. Finalization: I'll use that now-perfect draft to finalize the design and send you the completed files!

The nitty gritty details will change a little bit depending on the type of project, but that's an outline of how I operate.

Even better: since I only work with folks I know I'll enjoy and only on projects I find personally fulfilling, I keep my rates low. You'll pay no "pain-in-the-booty" tax here — a basic website will run you just $495!

Want a free proposal for your project? Simply fill out the form and let's get started!